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We are looking for talented makers and doers who can also teach. Is there a part of your process that is so awesome you want to share it? Why not run a workshop at Bears Picnic Market? 

Our workshops will be held every Sunday that there is NOT a POP UP happening. 

Workshops will be held on the back deck of the Bearsville Theater. BPM will provide a tent and there is access to electricity. BPM Workshops are for charge events. Vendor sets price and scope of the event with BPM charging a flat fee to vendor. Once workshop has been accepted BPM will create a way for interested parties to pre-register for the workshop.

Please note our workshop vending prices and contracts will be slightly different then the outdoor market. You will receive all information after your idea has been accepted. 


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Each workshop will run 2 hours and there may be up to 2 each Sunday.