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Vendor Application

Vendor Application


Calling all artists, designers, growers, makers and vintage buffs. Bears Picnic brings together makers of fine provisions, creators of exquisite goods, and collectors of quality second hand treasures. Inspired by the Bohemian tradition of Woodstock and held at the legendary Bearsville Theater property, Bears Picnic offers a unique and tourist filled venue to showcase your wares.  Every Sunday the property is visited by hundreds of pleasure seekers gathering on the blue stone patio of Commune Saloon to listen to music, drink cocktails and enjoy food. Also located on the property are long time local favorite Bear’s Café steak house and the historic Bearsville Theater, an active live music venue. Come be part of the crowds, one Sunday or all season long!

For the next little while we are offering $20 booth spaces to vendors. Spaces range from 6'x6' to 10'x10' - all $20. Must be paid 2 weeks ahead. 

Please note Bears Picnic is all about supporting emerging artists and businesses. Our booth sizes and prices reflect this. If you are looking for a larger space please note that in your product details and we will create a special space and price if we can accommodate. We also have a few food truck spots. 

Our  POP UP events are a separate application. For information at showing at one of our POP UP events go here.

We are now accepting pitches to hold a workshop at BPM! We'd love to hear your idea here.

Person in Charge
Person in Charge
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ie: jewelry; hot sauce; clothing
Full details of who designs/selects your product, who makes/sources your product, where your product is made/found
Briefly describe your product to the world (may be used on our website)
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Brick and Mortar store; Other Markets; Music Festivals; Online Shop;
Application Agreement *
Bears Picnic holds the right to accept or deny any request to vend at the market. Applicant(s) acknowledges that this form is non-binding to participation on any requested dates. By agreeing to this form submission, applicants acknowledge that they have read this and understand that selected vendors will be contacted with further binding vendor contracts that must be filled out and submitted signed and confirmed in order to have a space at Bears Picnic.
Booth Location *
This is non-binding preference. Bears Picnic reserves the right to vendor placement.
Fee Structure *
Sundays *
please choose as many as you can to cover your Fee Structure option and some extra Sundays for scheduling flexibility. IE: single Sunday vendor can choose 2 or 3 available dates.